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Hey SpaceSister,

I did exactly what you’re doing. Joined MSO when I was 13 and started researching HSFY and planning how I was going to get into med (and coming up with plans A, B, C and D as back up). Over 4 years later and I’m in 2nd year med at Otago and tbh I don’t think I wouldn’t have got in if I hadn’t have prepared so early. Anyway don’t let people tell you it’s too early to plan / be excited, as long as you don’t let the thought of university consume your life it’s allgood. Remember to enjoy college because university life isn’t all it’s made out to be, and I kind of regret not enjoying my high school years as much as I should’ve and being too driven rip. Enjoy having the easy life while you can :) have goals but remember to always focus on the now, you’ll never get the present back again

I joined MSO when I was 13 as well haha. It's actually really reassuring to hear that your pre-planning helped because a lot of my friends still have no idea what they're going to do and sort of look at me weirdly when I tell them about my very in-depth plan for medicine and my iron-clad backup plans (Plan A is of course medicine, though I'm still kind of undecided as to which uni I want to go to. Plan B is optometry/dentistry depending on whether I go to A/O - dentistry is really interesting, and I have glasses so I'm also kind of interested in optometry. Plan C is doing a law and science conjoint degree. Plan C is doing just a science degree, then getting a teaching dipl0ma). My family is ultra supportive though, which is always nice! :) That's just the person I am - extremely ambitious and driven, never losing sight of the 'end goal'. Of course, not a lot of people my age are like that and I feel bad talking to them too much about it because I don't want to come across as arrogant or something, which is why I joined this forum :)

Also, thanks for the advice. College isn't the best right now (Year 10 with a few really good teachers and a few pretty bad teachers, plus I've been dealing with a few issues concerning an ex-friend) but I hope it'll get better. NCEA is looming and I'm actually kind of excited because I will finally be able to take biology and "physical science" (which splits off into chemistry and physics in Year 12! I looooove science and maths, which is why I'm 101% certain that medicine, or at least science, is the right path for me. I have been really uni-focused lately to cope with the fact that in real life things aren't going too smoothly, so I really should try and get more into college and what life gives me right now since life probably won't be this relaxed and chill for a while - NCEA, then six years of uni, then the many years of training after that. Thank you again :)


Hey guys what hall would you think I should put down as my preference (Waipārūrū, Unihall towers or O’rourke ?) I heard that most students got into med from unihall last year. The new hall (Waipārūrū seems really slick btw so I’m mainly choosing between Waipārūrū and Unihall.

Any insight would be appreciated!