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BBiomedSc at UoN - Pathway to JMP


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Just came across that students who complete a BBiomedSc and Major in Medical Health Professional at UoN are benefited in JMP admission as they are considered rural applicants. See here: Medical/Health Professional Major

Students who complete the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Medical / Health Professions) will be invited to attend the MSA/PQA based on a minimum UCAT ANZ rank (combined section score excluding SJT) as set by the JMP Admissions Committee. The set minimum rank will reflect the rank used to identify rural students for MSA/PQA and is expected to be lower than the standard (non-rural) requirement.
Given that 200 people entered this course in 2019, and the wording of the quote above makes me think that they dont distort the rural entry mark, only match it this is going to heavily distort the interviews from this year onwards. The earliest source i can see about this is from 2017 so the graduates from this will be entering the admissions from this year. I also remember reading that this course had the largest growth in admissions in UoN (cant find a source - i might be wrong)

Surely this is a joke? a barely better than a pass 4.3 GPA maintained in a course with a 75 Selection Rank with a 2400 UCAT (based on the interview thread last year) is enough to land an interview from someone in a metropolitan area. How in any sense is that a valid admission process. I value the diversity in medical admissions in Australia which allows people of different walks of live are able to practice in a diverse career but surely the JMP recognizes the strong academic side of medicine, which is why in the first place medicine was a difficult qualification in the first place.

What does everyone else think?

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What does everyone else think?
I don't see much wrong with it. More & more med schools are giving advantages to their own students (Flinders, Monash, ANU, Deakin, MQ). All UoN is giving these grads is a lower UCAT cutoff for an interview, they still have to "pass" on merit the 1-in-4 selection by the interview.

This course is run by the same school/staff that teach medicine, they need enrolments alongside med. Med schools run at a big loss if they rely on just the med students' HECS fees & gov subsidies.


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It’s a classic money-making technique being employed by more and more universities.


You can land an interview that way, sure, and the prior knowledge is useful, but you've still got to pass in the interviews. The way the JMP weights the interviews over academics (just being a cutoff) means that they're still picking and choosing their applicants. I'm more concerned about diluting the rural pool of applicants and potentially making it harder for rural students to get in.

In saying that, the biomed graduates are really helpful for the rest of us in PBL of we're rusty on concepts.

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Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads