BSc Human Nutrition into postgraduate?

Discussion in 'Graduate Category' started by loader, Feb 4, 2017.

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    Thanks for the addition. I should have made it more clear that as a conclusion, I believe going into medicine through the human nutrition route, as a whole, is very feasible and that I was only pointing out the challenges I and others had faced. Also, I haven't completed another degree so it is hard to say how it compares to others, I'm sure it is quite similar to many in terms of difficulty. I would also like to point out that the Human Nutrition BSc has a heavy focus (particularly in 300 level) on the important skill of critical appraisal of scientific literature because the scientific literature in human nutrition is quite tricky to navigate through and many topics are controversial.

    I'm not in medicine yet, I'm currently in the process of application for medicine for 2018 (waitlisted) and I don't know of anyone in my BSc cohort who went for medicine, although I knew of a few people who got into Dentistry - to be fair that was back in 2015 so the memory is a bit fuzzy. I've heard of many Masters students like myself getting in but I would imagine there would be more BSc students due to the shear volume.

    ZCYS I think the take home message of my rambling should be that if you interested in human nutrition as a pathway into medicine you should do it. It is interesting and very applicable across many of the medical specialisations, plus you learn how to appraise research and formulate you own opinion on topics as opposed to just agreeing with an opinion only because the person who said it has better credentials than you.

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