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Hello! I am an international student who graduated from high school and am interested in applying to the MBBS and dental programs at JCU. I was wondering if previous applicants or current students would be willing to answer some questions I have about the application:
  1. For the certification of documents, is it okay if the sentence "I certify this to be a true copy...." is typed out instead of being written out by the witness? Also, is it okay if my witness does not have a stamp for their organization? Can the stamp be in a language other than English?
  2. For JCU, do dentists count as "medical practitioners"? I'm asking this because dentists are not listed in the people who can certify the documents but apparently some schools do count dentists as medical practitioners.
  3. Is there a disadvantage to applying both the MBBS and dental programs in the same year?
  4. For the Prediction of Academic Achievement form, do I need to have it completed if I graduated May of this year? The JCU application said I don't need to get it filled out if I have graduated but under the "Please indicate which best describes your highest level of education" section, the "Completed Year 12 or equivalent outside of Australia" option is only for students who graduated before 2019.

    Thank you very much for answering my questions!