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Clinical Electives in the USA


I am a final year MBBS and preparing for USMLE. I am confused about the process of clinical electives during internship period. Please help me about it.

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Hi Areana,

I understand from what you've said that you are in your final year of your MBBS degree at a medical school in India, and wanting to do a clinical rotation in the US. Unfortunately, this forum is almost entirely about New Zealand and Australian medical schools, so I don't think people here will be able to help you. Perhaps you could check out Home • Student Doctor Network which I think is a bit more international :)

It is certainly possible to do your rotations in the US; my cousin did her MBBS degree from Pakistan and did clinical electives in Canada and the US. I would recommend making inquiries through your medical school. If you have family or friends in the US, perhaps start investigating through them how you can apply for an elective. You may have some luck in applying to individual US medical schools for an exchange elective, which is an option I've certainly seen is available.

Best of luck.
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Unfortunately, if you’re in your final year and presumably will be an intern next year, continuing international travel restrictions may play a bigger role in limiting your elective opportunities than eligibility, competitiveness, or any of the typical obstacles.

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