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Hi there.

I'm posting this question on behalf of a friend. He has just graduated with a BSc and is looking into pathways to get into Dentistry. His GPA isn't the greatest so he is looking into starting a degree from scratch.

He found out that at the CSU Wagga Wagga campus they offer an internal transfer into Dentistry after doing a year of Oral Health given a high GPA and successful interview. However, I can't seem to find anything about this offer online and was hoping someone from MSO could help me determine if it exists or not.

Furthermore, I would appreciate it if someone could advise what would be the best path to take in this scenario for the best chance to get into Dentistry. He is based in Sydney, so he would prefer to go to a uni closer to home if possible.

Much appreciated.


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Hey there,

From my understanding, if you are applying from a different tertiary institution into the CSU BDentSc, then interview offers are based solely on your UCAT score. A combination of your interview performance and your UCAT score is then used to determine offers. CSU assigns 50% of its BDentSc places to rural/aboriginal students and has offered about 150 interview offers per year for these past few years.

Yep, if he studies at CSU he can apply for internal transfer. You can even apply for internal transfer with less than 1 year full time studies but you need to also have a GPA > 5.5+ and an ATAR 90+ (or equivalent converted from his old GPA). You don't have to sit the UCAT if you're applying as a CSU student but do if you're applying from anywhere else, please see here: Bachelor of Dental Science

Unfortunately we don't have the data to show what previous internal transfer scores have been on here - maybe try calling the uni up? La Trobe has a similar internal transfer process without the need for UCAT/interview.

Cal has a nice summary of the non-standard universities that your friend can apply to here: La Trobe Dentistry Internal Transfer Pathway

I'm not really sure what his best path to take is to get in. Maybe it's best to reflect about what stopped him from getting a good GPA in his BSc, work on these things and ask himself if he can put in the work required to get a good GPA for a new degree? Probably aim for a 6.875 or even a straight 7 GPA and apply for all the non-standard uni's, if he doesn't get in anywhere else with that score, then he could always have Griffith as a backup option. He just has to be honest with himself if he thinks he can do it - many people here have so fingers crossed!

All the best with your friends academic goals.

- Yamster
Thank you so much Yamster. I'll be sure to pass on your valuable advice to him.

I just wanted to clarify one point. Are you saying that for an internal transfer CSU will take into consideration his old GPA as well as the current GPA? Or is that specifically for if he applies for a transfer before 1 year of full time studies?


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Correct, it will be considered if it's before 1 year of full time studies but shouldn't be if it's a full year of full time CSU coursework.