Dealing with homesickness and uni. psychiatrist available?

I'm from NSW and I've been really lucky to have received a prov. med. place in UQ. But, I'm worried I'll be really homesick (already feeling it tbh and i haven't left) during the year? Any tips to deal with this? Also, I've been going through some personal difficulties, which i'm afraid will be exacerbated by my homesickness and I was wondering if there was a psychiatrist on university grounds (and is it bulk billed?)? I already have a referral from my doc but I've delayed in going to one and I really need to deal with this. I've also recently come tot he realisation that my parents are getting older and this makes me feel really, really scared and awful since I'll be spending most of (at least) 7 years away from them and I won't be able to take care of them.

Thank you in advance!
Hey - congrats on UQ, I'm also headed there (from SA) :)

I personally don't really get homesick, so unfortunately I can't help you on that front... First thing, do you need to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist? From what I've been reading on the UQ website, I can't tell if they have a psychatrist on site, but it looks as if they do have counsellors/psychologists. I believe for their counsellors you don't actually require referral/a mental health care plan but they aren't psychiatrists so wouldn't be able to prescribe any medication or anything. That said, UQ's counsellors can only see you 6 times a year (vs 10 on a MHCP).

Wellbeing - I'd recommend having a look at this page as it's really helpful. I see a psychologist and was also similarly looking to see what support services UQ has.

Something I would also absolutely 100% recommend going to see (not sure if you already have/know about them) would be Headspace, if UQ can't provide you with the support you need. They're a really good organisation and often have quite a few centres around suburban area of a city... please PM me if you need/want, I'd be happy to help more :)