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Dentistry spots in UOA


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Hey Everyone,
I've tried very hard to research how many spots there are for Dentistry in UOA. Does anyone know? I have heard that the intake decreased due to the new hospital but is that true? Also, what was the UMAT cut off for last year?
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Not sure what the UMAT cutoff was last year, but the class of 2022 has about 80 people.

Edit: about the UMAT, I found a post by DDest about it. Pasted below


For Adelaide, usually a UMAT score higher than 90 is required. 93 was the threshold value for 2016.

Similarly, with the GPA, a GPA higher than 5.0 will likely be required.

In order to get an interview, your UMAT score needs to be competitive. Then as A1 said, candidates are ranked based on the interview scores first, then on UMAT, and lastly GPA/ATAR.