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Different Options for Biomed Cohort 2?


New Member
Just had a question about enrolling in the Biomed course at Auckland University; There seems to be about 28 options for Biomed Cohort 2, which I have been told is the one you select if you are wanting to apply for med after first year. Had a look at all 28 options, and they seem to vary a bit in terms of number of classes, eg. some seem to have a large block of time for 'LAB' and some seem to have more POPLHLTH.
Does it matter which option you choose at all in terms of preparation for med?

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Auckland MBChB IV
That sounds unusual - have you checked both weeks? Most labs in biomed are fortnightly, so you alternate between two different timetables. Each cohort should have the same number of classes just at different times in different weeks.

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