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First Year Textbook Question


medhopeful 2016
I'm starting med at UNSW this year, I've got my textbooks and just was wondering how to tell what parts of them would be relevant to Year 1? I wanted to do some early reading but I'm not sure where to start :p

Thanks :)


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I feel this would have been a better question to ask before buying your textbooks ;) But anyway, maybe @Oer has some words of wisdom on this.


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What to buy - As with most universities (I presume), UNSW Med recommends a long list of textbooks, all of which you do not need to purchase - sometimes, you'll only need to refer to several pages/chapters in a book, so borrowing may be more practical. E.g. many choose not to buy the ones about rural health or ethics – not because these topics are insignificant but because they feel lectures & online resources suffice & only a small portion of those books are needed. When you begin med, you'll realise that the learning environment is fast-paced; will one even have time to read all prescribed texts?

Also, sometimes the recommended books may not be the ones referred to by your tutors. For example, UNSW recommend's Epstein's "Clinical Examination" but many students/doctors refer to Talley's "Clinical Examination" [I used this]

By all means, check out the textbooks yourself & see whether you like them first – the language, diagrams, layout, etc

Where to buy - The UNSW Medsoc bookshop usually has textbook packages, including the high yield ones, with excellent discounts. Or consider second hand [senior students or https://studentvip.com.au]


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hahaha the only textbook you really need as a hard copy is talley's. and perhaps oxford clinical handbook later in 2nd/3rd year. you should be able to get online textbook resources from your older years.