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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nece, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Our health care industry is slowly killing us. I know many of us strive to be doctors with good intentions. I see the light in medicine, but I also see the dark side. When someone gets sick, they go to the doctor and their prescribed medicine. That medicine may prolong their life and that’s great! But that prescription also causes symptoms that's later treated with more medication that causes other symptoms. Medication is used to mask our problems and maybe prevent us from dying in the meantime. But we can't mask our symptoms forever, too many people are getting sick, and even with treatment too many people are dying. We claim that were doing our best to prevent disease, but in my opinion that's not entirely true. Health care professionals should focus more on what’s really causing most diseases? The processed foods that is continuously sold in our food industry is poison. It's what’s causing our bodies to malfunction, this creates cancer, osteoporosis, parkinson’s disease, atherosclerosis, etc. Why don't doctors prescribe real food rather than drugs? When I say real food I mean whole grains, nuts/seeds, legumes, fruits, and a wide variety of vegetables. I want us all to start making positive changes in the way our healthcare system works. I’m not saying that we should stop prescribing pills altogether, I’m just saying lets take more consideration into the type of foods that we eat.
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    I thought this was Pete Evans until we got to the part that recommended a non-Paleo diet.
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    In my (rather limited) experience, all the doctors I've been to have reminded me to eat healthy and take lots of fluids whenever I'm sick or feeling unwell, and only have prescribed medication when absolutely necessary.
    The diseases you've mentioned have existed long before the advent of processed food, anyway. Modern medicine and medical research have actually provided people affected by these diseases with a much better quality of life.
    If you feel so strongly about eating healthy foods to the point where you'd make a whole new thread on a relatively unrelated forum about it, maybe consider whether your own attitude to eating is healthy and normal. There's no harm in checking in with a qualified health professional about this.
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