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Foundation Units?


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Hey guys,

Just got an offer for 2014 UTAS, and enrolling... so there are optional foundational units to enrol in? Are these compulsory/ recommended? I undertook first year uni chem, cell bio, and some nursing pharmacology at UWS Adv Sci but not physics... would this be recommended? Are they during semester, or before? (like a bridging course)


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Hi Lani,

I have just enrolled too, the foundation units are for people who haven't met pre-requisites or done previous study and act as bridging courses. For example I hadn't met the chem prerequisite and therefore it is a condition of my offer that I do the foundation chemistry. I don't see any reason to do something they don't ask you to, unless you really want. I don't think the physics would be all that helpful as anything related we'll probably learn first year. Hope that helps.


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You shouldnt need to do any foundation units if you already have done all the prereq courses, so dont worry about it unless they tell you that you need to as a condition on your offer.

As for physics - it isnt needed, you only do a TINY TINY bit of physics in radiology during first year and no previous knowledge is assumed. Nothing to worry about.

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