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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry in advance if this thread has been created beforehand, or this question has already been asked.

    I have received mixed messages from JCU and QTAC now about the GPA and application weighting. Some say that GPA is considered AFTER the application, and that it's really the application which sets the benchmark of whether you're offered a place or not. So, can someone please let me know that with a decent amount of rural, Indigenous and remote work experience (not living in a rural community), what have the GPA cutoffs been like in previous years?

    Jiaxing :)
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    Good luck! You definitely a good position from having so much experience. I'm a non-standard too with the exact opposite - I have no experience (all I have is a referral from a dentist).

    You can read this article below, but it is irrelevant to us non-standards.

    '20% metropolitan (ASGC-RA 1), 20% inner regional (ASGC-RA 2), 56% outer regional (ASGC-RA 3), and 5% from remote or very remote locations (ASGC-RA 4 and 5).'

    Rural and Remote Health
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