GPA cut off for non standard applicants

Discussion in 'Griffith University' started by sbxx, May 31, 2012.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the answers! Good to know all of that, would prefer to be realistic than just making assumptions :)
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    Hi! Silly question but what counts as non-standard? If I do one semester of part-time studies and one semester of full time studies, would I be eligible to apply as a non-standard?
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    Non-standard refers to tertiary entry that isn't direct from high-school.

    Yes, you're eligible to apply as a non-standard but it's not likely that you will get in without a full time year of study. Please refer to UQ's ranking system as an example: (Griffith doesn't publish theirs).

    1.5 FTE corresponds to a rank of 94 (with a GPA of 6.5+). 2 FTE of 6.5+ = 99.00 and even these people miss out on offers, so the chances of getting an offer with one full semester in addition to a part-time semester is extremely unlikely.

    I'm quite sure that you can however spread your studies across part-time periods, so if you're doing 1 full semester, and 2x 1.5 FTE semesters then I'm pretty sure you've got a chance to apply (as you've met the 8 unit requirement of 2 FTE's - only downside is that you'd have to wait an additional year to apply). Refer to LMG!'s chart in the offers section for entrance scores to the program this year (6.875 IIRC).

    Thanks for joining MSO and all the best with your academic goals.

    - Yamster
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