GPA cut off for non standard applicants

Discussion in 'Griffith University' started by sbxx, May 31, 2012.

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    If the grades aren’t transferring to your new transcript then it won’t have any affect on your dentistry application at Griffith.
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    Hi, I know these questions have been asked before but I just need help, so just hear me out.
    I'm hoping to apply for the bachelor of dental health science(starting next year)
    - I have completed (2018) 1 year of full-time study in bachelors of medical science but did not achieve the required GPA(6.625).
    - I am currently (2019) enrolled in a bachelor of science (chemistry) planning to do 1FT.

    some of the units from the two degrees overlap. so when Griffith university assesses my application and I have units from the first degree that matches the second degree (note: I did not apply for advanced standing, so I will complete all 8 units but some match a previous course).

    will this affect my application
    I also heard that if you have studied a science related degree some of the units can be matched with the bachelor of dental health science and will be removed.


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