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Hi everyone, first time actually writing a post after years of browsing so please forgive me if this has been repeated in some thread. I would really appreciate any input to the situation I am about to describe:

So I did my BSc at Auckland University (after a terrible HSFY year), followed by a Honours and am doing a masters this year on a topic I really like. I really enjoy research and had enjoyed my honours year so masters was a natural option for me. However, the "med flame" hasn't really been extinguished after all these years and I am about to plan a graduate entry to medicine. I am going to have to study really hard for my MSc anyway, so I think it is a "win-win" situation for me either way.

My BSc score is excruciatingly low, so bad that I really don't want to mention it, but I studied hard for those last 300-level papers and got admitted to honours (it's that bad!). In honours, I managed to scrape something around 7.25 for 120 points and in masters (by thesis), I have been told that it would be reasonable for me to expect an A or A+ (received average 88 for my honours thesis) but obviously, this is when life is sunny and everything goes as planned.

I have worked out my best 3 years (3rd BSc year + honours year + MSc year) to be something around 7, and my last two years to be around 7.63 or 8.13 (depending on the MSc grade). I did UMAT years and years ago and I was a bit above average, although I have no idea what to expect with UCAT and MMI interviews.

Could anyone provide me with any information regarding my situation - I know you must be thinking "what does this person want me to say" but I guess I would just like anyone's opinion on the chances of getting in and whether it would be reasonable for me to apply? I know I have nothing to lose but I want a realistic opinion from MSO so I don't get my hopes up.

PS. Even if no one decides to reply, I just want to say thank you to all the inputs in the other threads, it's provided me with various points to think upon and reflect :)



NZ Med and Dent Place Offers 2019 - Collated Data

This is the most recent offers thread for NZ universities. It won't have the very latest top up offers added, because I've been away, and then Uni started for me, and s*** got real... fast! Haha! But it will give you a bit of an idea about what GPA would be competitive for UoA graduate entry. At a guess, I'd say you'd want to be pushing more towards the 8.13 than the 7.63, but besides collating what others have reported, I don't know a great deal about NZ entry requirements, so hopefully someone else can weigh in for you.

(PS. I know what it's like to have done a heap of study, including at postgrad level, and still have a med flame flickering away, so good luck!).
Hey LMG!

Big thanks for replying. Had a quick look and man am I astounded by those GPA of 8.Xs ....
However, I will keep the hope rolling and will check upon time to time. Cheers!


UoA BSc (Biomed), MBChB II
In my opinion if you get anywhere >7.8 for the past 2 years and a good interview (i.e. you actually prepare for it instead of going in blindly) then you’ll have a decent chance of getting in. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for you to apply at this point because you don’t really lose anything unless of course you’re planning on doing a PhD and applying after that. I think applying after a MSc is your best shot. Good luck :)
Hi Kei,

Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate it.

I have set my mind to do my genuine best on my master's thesis this year (GPA of 7.63 and 8.13 is a big difference!) and start preparing gradually (buy some prep UCAT books and do a mock UCAT this year, start reading news/reports on health care etc). I still have a bit less than 2 years to prepare as thesis grades actually come out after a calendar year so I won't be able to apply this year but the next (ahhh.... the wait...).
Hopefully, entry GPAs don't get any higher in the next year or so :eek:
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