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So according to QTAC, an honours class 2a and a 1st class is equivalent to a rank 99. Apparently, if you have completed a degree with honours (regardless of class 2a or 1), your GPA will automatically be considered as 7 (regardless of true GPA) and so you are guaranteed entry into Griff OralH/Dent.

I called QTAC and they said that honours class 2a's and 1s have gotten into griffith dent regardless of their GPA.

I just want to clarify whether or not this true, if anybody knows (sounds kind of weird too me tbh)

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Found in this thread
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If you did an additional full-time honours year then your gpa will be based on that final year only (so basically 1st class would be 7/7) however if embedded then it will be calculated by the whole 4 years. If you still feel unsure then you should double check with Griffith University.
I received my offer last year. My first year of dentistry was 2015 and I am about to enter 2nd year in 2016. I did received all 7's during honours. But as long as you have first class you should be good. Good luck with it all. It is an amazing course and you will love it.



I am not sure if this is the right place to post, but could someone tell me whether 6.76 GPA will be enough to get me into the dentistry course at Girffiths University?


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