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Guide to the Interview sub-forum

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Welcome to the interview sub-forum!

If you are lucky enough to have received an interview offer, then here is all the information you need!

Now, to be nice and tidy for everyone, make sure you use MSO's search function before you post/ start a new thread.

Please note all interview threads for each uni are generally aimed towards medicine interview. The dentistry interview threads can be found in the Dentistry Interview sub-forum .

Here are some useful threads:
Season's great article about how to prepare for an interview: http://www.medstudentsonline.com.au/f40/article-prepare-me-16557/
Find out when interview offers are expected to be released: http://www.medstudentsonline.com.au/f40/tracking-interview-offers-12136/
(Please not that this is for 2011 interviews, there will be a new thread for 2012)
Wondering what to wear to your interview?: http://www.medstudentsonline.com.au/f40/what-wear-medical-school-interview-23525/
Do some prep for your interviews with our famous Interview Question Times!
#1: http://www.medstudentsonline.com.au/f40/interview-question-time-4714/
#2: http://www.medstudentsonline.com.au/f40/interview-question-time-2-a-12443/
#3: http://www.medstudentsonline.com.au/f40/interview-question-time-3-a-23416/

Please remember to use the search function before posting a new thread.
If you have search around the forum and still can't find an appropriate thread for your question, feel free to post a new thread. Before doing so, always refer to the MSO posting guidelines .

Thanks and good luck!
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