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Hello everyone


Hi everyone. My name is Brian and I am hoping to become a Doctor in the future, which has been a dream for a long time.
I am currently studying the Diploma of Science at UNE, and will progress through into the Bachelor of Biomedical Science and try to get into the JMP on completion.
My partner has encouraged me to not give up on my dream regardless of my age (44 years), and I hope to follow in the steps of many of you who are already studying.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Hi Brian! Welcome to MSO, and congratulations on beginning the (hopefully successful) journey of being a doctor!
There are plenty of mature age students in my cohort (and a few older than you!) so I commend you (and your supportive partner!) on pursuing your dream, regardless of age. You've chosen a great program with the JMP, and their entry process, with its heavy emphasis on the interview, will definitely work to your advantage as a mature aged student. Good luck with the future!! :)

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