Help with MBBS Provisional Enrolment

Robin Wei

Greetings all,

I'm new here so I apologise if I make any mistakes regarding posting on this forum.

Anyway, my problem is with a thing called 'Program Change Request' (hereinafter referred to as PCR). According to my SI-net To-do list, I have to complete a PCR. When I went to the page to change my program from MBBS Provisional, I could not find a program for MBBS/BSc, which is what I want to do now.

So what I am confused about is whether I should change from MBBS Provisional to BSc as I would not be able to complete course selection until I have completed a PCR. Nevertheless, I am worried that changing to BSc would mean that I will lose my place in the MBBS Provisional quota.

What should I do?


Yep! You're supposed to change from MBBS provisional to Bsc, there shouldn't be a program for MBBS/BSc. You won't lose your place, my friend called up UQ and specifically asked them about this coz we were concerned too, but apparently it's fine.