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Hey everyone!


Flinders MD I
Hey lads and lasses.

Although I've been here for about a year, and lurked for about a year before that, I thought I'd introduce myself as I've never really posted too much. I'm not sure how active MSO still is, but all of the resources here were a great help to me, and I hope they will continue to be (yy)

Anyway, I'm Dylan (written backwards makes Nalyd :blink:) and this year I was accepted into the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine at Flinders. So basically I do standard sciencey stuff for 2 years, and as long as I keep a certain GPA and don't fail and whatnot I have guaranteed entry into their 4 year post-grad medicine course ^_^

Recently I've been enjoying watching Better Call Saul (I loved Breaking Bad) and getting to meet new people here in Adelaide. I would really like to start reading more but I'm living at a residential college, so time seems to slip away from me, and when I'm not doing anything I just feel like browsing the internet... nothing else haha.

Thought I'd just post this to let people know who I am/what I'm doing since I'm hoping I'll start to post here more often and I'd like to get to know some of the great people here. (y)

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads