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Hi Team


Hi guys, recommended to have a snoop around here for some like minded med-entry banter and advice.

my backstory - Not particularly academic, been in the RNZAF as a medic for the past (almost) 8 years, decided time to go pro and have good crack at getting into medicine otherwise i'll spend my whole life regretting not doing it. Had a few trips overseas, embedded with urban search/rescue in chch after the quakes, did some time with explosive disposal/ chemical warfare medicine /special operations, and now i'm on unpaid leave...

Did a foundation year in Auckland last year, came down here this year as i was going to apply through the alternate category, but advised to just do my best this year and try that next year.

Studying in Otago Health Science First Year, it's pretty hectic, i'm struggling to get the maths component of Chem and most of Physics, but hubs and cells are my "friends"...

I'm scared for UMAT and not getting the minimum B+ in all subjects for this year, but just gotta keep at it.

I am committed to med, and will exhaust all options (This year health sci, alt next year, and applied for first year health sci in Auckland for next year, grad entry if i have to, then maybe try and get in to ozzie after that if all else fails) before i give up and resign myself to retraining my brain to accepting mediocrity as a "lifer" airforce medic.

So yeah, thats about it.
Also i love dogs and destress on my sundays by going to the SPCA to play with the puppies, and i am a motorcycle nerd.


Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads