High school dropout looking for advice.

Discussion in 'Medicine Entrance' started by polina, Jan 6, 2019.

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    I dropped out of high school over several years ago, and since then I have not pursued any further education or training. After thinking about my future, I entertained the idea of studying medicine, but originally dismissed it as being unrealistic. However, it keeps coming back to me, and when I think about doing something for the rest of my life, I cannot envision myself doing anything else, so it's something I am looking to work towards. I have read the common pitfalls to avoid thread, which dissuades from repeating VCE. I have never attempted VCE, so I am looking for an outsider's perspective on what I should do.

    As an adult, I can complete the VCE in 1 year or I can enter university as a mature age student by doing the STAT. At present I am leaning towards entering university as a mature age student and then applying to undergraduate medicine as a non-stadard applicant after years 1 and 2. If I am unsuccessful, I will apply for graduate medicine after finishing my degree.

    The alternative is going back and doing VCE and scoring 99+, which I must admit seems rather unrealistic when I picture the competition having worked towards that for years. I have this year to make up my decision. Either I spend the year preparing myself to undertake VCE next year, or I work on the course syllabus of the uni degree I intend to study.

    Lastly, I have some concerns about future interviews. With a combination of a large gap between dropping out of school and returning to studies, and having had stints of unemployment, some of which were long term, I wonder how bad of a look this would be. Do you think my past would be looked at unfavorably?

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to MSO :)

    First of all - I really like your mindset, you're practical and realistic. I like it.

    Personally, I would focus on a pathway into medicine that involves uni, I think that would play to your strengths a bit better than jumping into an accelerated VCE which will be difficult. What type of degree are you looking in getting into?

    Depending on the uni, all of that may not even come up in an interview. I wouldn't worry about it, provided that in the gap you haven't been up to some legal mischief.
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    Hi Polina!
    Let me tell you something, I was/am in the same situation!
    I did VCAL in 2010 and dropped out of year 12 in 2011 - simply because I didn’t know what I wanted to do other than travel! (If I could go back and slap myself I would!)
    I have been working full time and travelling since and only in the last 2 years have I started to get serious in making the dream happen.
    In 2018 I studied about 2 hours a day doing classic reading, online testing from ACER etc for 2-3 months and sat the STAT. I got a 173.
    I combined my STAT with mature age entry with the mindset of doing a Bachelor Of Nursing- so that even if I didn’t get into Medicine I would still be in the Medical environment and have a career to fall back on, eventually becoming a Nurse Practitioner.
    I got into my first preference at LaTrobe- I picked them because of their employment rate, the post graduate nursing programs and people’s feedback.

    I have deferred my first year of Nursing to work full time and earn money before committing to the next howeverlong if full-time study.

    In 2020 and each year of Nursing I will sit the UCAT and apply to every university. If I haven’t gained entry still then I will sit the GAMSAT and take it from there..

    Don’t give up! It’s a long process but I think that once you realise now how badly you want to be a doctor and how hard it will be, makes you appreciate it more!
    You’ve got this!!
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