HSFY 2021


Hello peeps, I just want to ask a question in terms of MAOR102, are the readings absolutely CRUCIAL for the final exam (and might as well ask: how should I reference it in the internal essay). Because after attending a few lectures, it seems to me that the things we learn in the chapters are all summarised in the lectures, or more importantly, pointed out on what to take from it.

Am I missing the whole point or can someone really get an A+ just by attending lectures, since the chapters are just reiterations of the lectures with extra doses of detail included...

...If I am missing the point, can someone point out how I am supposed to incorporate these readings into my learning? (and how I should be studying e.g. write notes of these readings??)

FYI: The final exam is all MCQs this year. There's also no progress test, just one essay and essay plan worth a total of 30%. Attending tutorials = 20% of our grade, thus the final exam is 50%.