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    I am new to the page and want to shed some light on my situation for others who like me, trawled pages & pages on forums for something similar.

    I didn’t even do VCE (I did VCAL) and dropped out midway in year 12.
    Yep, if I could slap myself I would.
    I remember not wanting to go to uni mainly because a) I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and b) neither my parents nor grandparents went to uni, my parents were divorced and I remember the financial strain high school caused on my mum.
    (I didn’t talk to any guidance councillors or know anything about scholarships- I wish I had of! Especially because it was a very rural area)
    I worked full time at the local McDonald’s for a few years after dropping out, then decided to travel and work overseas.

    It wasn’t until 2017/2018 I started to get serious about the crazy seemingly unachievable goal.
    In 2018 I signed up for the STAT exam, I studied around 2 hours or so a day- just light classic reading, doing the problems on ACER, googling the math and statistics problems to break it down so I found it easier to understand.
    I studied for roughly 2.5 months or so.

    STAT Results + Application time.
    I got a 173!! I cried. I know it’s a higher-medium score but I was so proud of myself and it all started to seem like maybe this crazy dream might become a reality.
    I picked to apply for Nursing over Health science/ BioMed/etc for a few reasons, mainly because if I don’t get into Medicine, I still have a career and a degree in the medical field and get to work in hospitals! There’s many post grad nursing courses which are relevant to the specialties in Medicine and even further along there is the opportunity to become a Nurse Practitioner.
    I composed my applications on VTAC and got accepted to my first preference- LaTrobe.
    (Now I do wish I had of applied to a uni with a grad medicine program, but that’s fine)

    Deferred my 2019 offer
    I decided to defer my offer to start this March, I did this for the purpose to work full time and save money for the next however long in uni.
    I have been working in remote locations the last few years and find it easier to save with staff accom, so I will be going back to a remote location- also to benefit my med application with the rural living.

    And then..
    My plan is to sit the UCAT every year and apply for undergrad entry via the Alternative entry pathways. There is a very low chance of getting into a undergrad program, so I plan to sit the GAMSAT in my final year also.
    I am however treating my nursing degree with full priority (except around the UCAT etc) as I realistically know the chances of getting into a med program. I want to keep a solid GPA and make this happen.

    I’ll add a few notes -
    I’m 25, so mature age + STAT was my pathway for undergrad nursing.
    I have worked full time in hospo and travelled, I also did volunteer lifesaving for 9+ years.. these went onto my VTAC cover letter along with my passion for learning. I didn’t mention anything about wanting to go into medicine on my application anywhere.
    I have lived rural for over 15 years.

    I know this is going to be a long and crazy process, but I’ve done the first hurdle. I’ve gotten into uni as a drop out and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

    Keep updated with how everything goes from here!
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