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Auckland Initial Degree Options for Graduate Entry

Hi all :)

I've just read a couple posts about physio and biomed, but haven't actually seen any comparing the two... I have a pretty good idea on what a Biomed degree would be like, but in terms of maintaining around an 8.5gpa or above, could a physiotherapy degree be better? It seems like it has a more linear career path - you work as a physiotherapist. And as far as the content goes - it looks quite interesting, and a bit more practical than a Biomed degree.

What are you guys thoughts?

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Yes, one is a vocational degree and the other is not. WRT maintaining a GPA, that depends on your own abilities, effort and interest. There is no such thing as an objectively and uniformly "easier" or "harder" degree.


Absolutely agree with chinaski. I also want to add that under a physiotherapy degree you are limited to the papers you can take i.e. you can only take the papers that are part of the physiotherapy program (if that makes sense). Under a biomed degree you have more flexibility to choose what papers you want to take i.e. you can choose science papers (that are more practical based) as well as taking a couple of art or business or whatever papers you find interesting.

Also, don't be fooled into thinking that a physio degree at AUT is easier than a physio degree at Otago. That isnt correct. At the end of the day Both AUT and Otago physio graduateshave to meet the same requirements under the NZ physiotherapy board.
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