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International Apps Open @ Sydney - The University of Notre Dame Australia


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Hi guys,

As you probably know, The University of Notre Dame Australia runs the Doctor of Medicine, but has typically been open only for Australian students.

It looks like they now are open for international students on the Sydney campus only. For 2019, they have 10 spots available for international students and applications are due by 30 November 2018.

If you send the international team an email or give them a call, they will send through what you need to complete as part of your application. It;'s not through GEMSAS, as portfolios were due in May, so applications are processed through Notre Dame directly.

Just thought I'd spread the word, as this might be one of the only universities in Australia still taking Medicine applications for international students for next year this late in the year.

Here's some information Doctor of Medicine or you can contact international@nd.edu.au