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Internship question


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Sorry to drag up an old thread, but can any current UTas students or recent grads... @nabey1 @Ninj ...comment / speculate on the internship situation in Tasmania. In previous years, some UTas grad have secured Victorian internships. However, that seems unlikely now from what I have read. What about CSP UTas grads getting internships within Tasmania?

I'm trying to decide whether to accept a UTas or NZ offer.

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I graduated last year. By the end of recruitment rounds, all students from my year got positions in Tasmania (including internationals) - in fact it was not enough to fill all the positions as I know the hospitals in Launceston and Burnie recruited people from interstate (who are prioritised lower than Tas internationals I think). Our class size was ~120-130, not sure if it's increased since.


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Hi lucyg,
I have just graduated from UTAS and am starting internship in January. All domestic UTAS students this year were guaranteed an intern spot in Tassie (there were about 76 places available all up across the three hospitals), and a lot of the international students have also secured Tassie intern spots, there is only one international student that I know of who hasn’t yet had an offer. Several students have accepted offers interstate e.g. Brisbane, Adelaide, Bendigo, Wollongong, Gosford, Darwin, Townsville, Alice Springs, Perth etc. I myself a domestic student) received first round offers in Burnie and Hobart as well as Sydney.

I hope that is helpful!

Cheers, Rala


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