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Interviews on the Same Date


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Hi Everyone,

For the interstate interviews for Monash and UNSW, they are both on the 23rd of January. Since I am a NZ student, I'm interstate for both. I have already received an interview offer from UNSW, and if I also received one from Monash, that would mean I wouldn't be able to go to one. Is there anyway round this? eg. could I ask either Monash or UNSW to change times, or maybe if I could be considered in the earlier state applicant round for Monash? (My school results have already came out).

I know Monash also holds interviews on the 24th, but as I have a Western Sydney interview on the 25th, I doubt it would be feasible to fly from Sydney --> Melbourne --> Sydney in 3 days...

Has anyone been through a situation like this, and have any advice with an issue like this? Is my only option really to miss out on an interview?

Thank you!

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You can call Faculties and see if they can slot you in somewhere else. Your excuse for not being able to make a date, of course, should not be an interview clash with another uni, so you'll need to think of something convincing.

Just as fair warning, unis are often inflexible with dates and people have had to pick between unis for interviews in the past.


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What times are they exactly? Because Sydney to Melbourne and back could be doable depending on the time. It's only a one hr and abit flight.

But that's assuming Monash gives you an interview in the 24th. You have nothing to lose by asking them however you may have to decide between unis. I don't know what excuse you could use though.
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I know Monash also holds interviews on the 24th,
As of now for Monash 23rd is for Med interviews 24th for Physiotherapy. Until they announce they will do the same as last year (1st day morning + 2nd day afternoon for Med) Med interview on 24th is not a certainty.

You can try ask Monash for a 1st round interview on 3rd/4th Jan, but I don't think it's likely since evidently Monash has different interview cutoffs for 1st round Vic and 2nd round interstate applicants. Your next best option is to ask UNSW for the actual-ATAR round in early Jan, then do Monash on 23rd and WSU on 25th. UNSW has given earlier rounds to interstate applicants before.

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I know someone from NZ who had their interview time (admittedly for JMP) completely rescheduled (from Jan to Nov) purely on the basis of convenience rather than a clash. It's definitely worth asking.

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