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JCU JCU 2017 Interview Offers Official Thread


Admin (JCU MBBS)
Hi all,

As many of you know there is constantly requests about cut-offs and previous years admission/interview offer data. Please help us collect this for JCU by filling out the following if you did/did not get an interview! Thanks!

- Standard (predicted ATAR):
- Non-standard (ATAR and GPA):
- Rural/Non-rural:
- State + Interview date:


Monash MD I
Standard/non-Standard: Standard
Predicted ATAR: unknown but defs 99+ (school doesn't release to us, 'does not reflect actual performance' or something)
Rural/non-Rural: non-Rural
State: Victoria
Interview date: 2:20 pm 5th of December (so relieved that its on a different date to the Adelaide interviews)


UQ Premed III
Got an interview :)
1:00pm 30th of November 2016
Standard, Predicted OP 1 (ATAR 99+)
Non-rural QLD
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New Member
Standard/Non-standard: Standard
Predicted ATAR: Not sure, but wouldn't have been higher than 95 I don't think.
Rural/Non-rural: Rural
State: Victoria
Interview date: 6th December 2016


Regular Member
predicted ATAR: 99
-State + Interview date: South Australia, 8th december


New Member
- Standard (predicted ATAR): around 96-97, but who knows lol
- Rural/Non-rural: Non-rural kms
- State + Interview date: New South Wales, 5th Dec


Regular Member
Standard: 99.75 predicted ATAR
Rural/Non-rural: Non-Rural
State + Interview date: NSW, 2nd of December


New Member
- Standard (predicted ATAR): OP 1
- Rural/Non-rural: RA3
- State + Interview date: QLD 29 Nov
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New Member
Standard (predicted OP): OP 3
Rural/Non-rural: Rural (RA3)
State: Queensland
Interview date: 29th November

greek boy

New Member
Got an interview offer.
Predicted Atar 99+
Overseas domestic
Interview on 8th dec

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Is this the first round interviews? How many round are there?