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JCU 2020 odds?


New Member
Just wondering what my odds are as an int year 12 leaver. 89 average h/s, with a 97 year 12 average. Volunteered at several rural dental camps. International student. Applied for JCU dent with no legacy. Reference letters from a dentist and h/s principal. Aged 17. What are my odds?

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Dental Moderator
DJ May
Hey BapuG, unfortunately we don't have much data for JCU on here for dentistry admissions let alone international admissions. It's tough to say - your grades seem decent enough (though that's a statement made without any past data). I'm not too sure if international rural experiences count as JCU looks specifically for rural issues in Australia specifically. Reference letters seems fine. Admission is probably similar to medicine in that your written responses on the application for the program has a significant weighing on whether or not you're in the running. Fingers crossed that yours was good!

Let us know if you've any other questions and good luck!


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I'm also an international high school leaver applying to JCU Dentistry. I'm from Canada, what about you? My grade 12 average is about the same as yours and from what I've heard anything above a 95 with a good written component and decent reference letters is generally what you need to get in. Although, there are no guarantees since the program can be quite competitive. Best of luck!

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