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JCU Dentistry (Rural-Atar required)?


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What is the atar required for rural applicants into JCU? Overall, from what i heard a high atar is required, but the written application is more important (can someone explain this - I'm from NSW).


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Welcome to MSO. Have a look in this thread for the rural scores under JCU > 2018 Entry Interview Invites - Collated

(EtA: Oops there isn't a listing for JCU Dent, hopefully the Med scores give you an idea).

We are not sure of the weighting between ATAR and the written application. Best to consider them both important.


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I believe that while they may weight ATAR and written application “equally” it is much easier to distinguish oneself from other applicants with a strong written application than a few ATAR points, i.e. the written application is scored in a way that creates more variation among scores. There is no specific ATAR requirement for this reason - someone with a perfect 99.95 could (and this happens every year) miss out on a spot if they have a poor written application whereas someone with an ATAR on the lower side (I believe some people with ATARs as low as ~90 [lower?] have received offers in the past) could still be competitive if they have a great application. As a rural applicant, you will receive bonus points when you apply, but this will be even more advantageous if you can relate your rural experiences to why you are interested in a course with such a strong focus on rural / indigenous health in your application. Good luck.
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