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Below are some commonly asked questions about the written application for Medicine at James Cook University. If you've been directed to this thread, it's probably because you posted one of the questions below, or a variant thereof. Please take the time to read all of the questions and answers that are relevant to your situation, and refer back to this thread before posting a question in the JCU Written Application General Questions thread 🤠

Let me know if there are any FAQs you think should be added to this list.

Does my application have to arrive in Townsville by the 30th?
You just need to post it on or by the 30th, and have proof that you did so. This proof usually takes the form of your envelope being postmarked by the post office.
Source: Information sheet page 2. The application closing date is 30 September, 2020. Applications postmarked after this date will NOT be accepted.

What is postmarking? What if I can't get my envelope postmarked?
Postmarking is when the post office stamps your envelope with the date as a record of when it was received for postage. This is used by JCU to confirm that you posted your application on or before the 30th. You might have to specifically request that your envelope be postmarked, as many post offices no longer do this by default.

Some post offices no longer offer postmarking services. If you find yourself having to send your application without a postmark, request a receipt for your letter, then scan the receipt and email it to the office of the Dean of Medicine ([email protected]) with an appropriate explanation. They will then be able to use this to verify that you posted your application before the cutoff date if need be.

When will I hear back from JCU that my application has been received?
You will receive an email from JCU saying they have received your application usually some time in November. There is no real pattern for the timing of this email (some people who sent in their applications early in September get sent emails later than those who sent it at the last minute in late September), so just try and be patient. However, if you haven't received an automated notification back from JCU via email that your application has been received by the end of October/early November, we recommend contacting JCU.

I am applying to both Medicine and Dentistry. Do I fill out two separate applications or just one?
You must submit only one application, regardless of whether you are applying for more than one degree. This means your responses to the questions must be relevant to both healthcare disciplines. If you find you are unable to devote equal space to both Medicine and Dentistry in your responses, prioritise the degree you want more.
Source: Application form page 2. Tick the front page to indicate the degree or degrees that you wish to apply for and complete all sections of the application form. Complete one application only, even if applying for more than one degree.

Do I need to hand write the application? Can I do it digitally instead?
You need to hand write your responses to the four extended-response questions. Note that the first few pages of the form -- where you fill in administrative and clerical details such as your personal information and schooling history -- have entry fields enabled in the PDF. This means you can complete those digitally OR hand write them. But you must hand write where indicated.

Can I email my application?
[2020-21 entry round: You can scan & email your application form if you are a Victorian applicant affected by COVID-19. Source: Application Forms and Information for Domestic Applicants (for entry in 2021)]
In all other cases, no. You must mail your application to the postal address provided.

How many words can fit in each writing space?
About 200 to 300, depending on your handwriting.

If I make a mistake, can I cross it out / use white-out?
Since this is a professional document, it would be best to rewrite the whole page/s if you make a mistake, if only so that you don't make a bad impression on the marker. That being said, past members here have crossed out and used white-out on their applications and received interviews.

I've written just a little over the space allowed. Is this okay?
No. The application form is very clear in stating that you must only answer within the line space provided. Think of it this way: If you can't follow this simple instruction, the markers will happily offer an interview spot that might otherwise have gone to you to a candidate who can follow basic instructions!

Should I include all the pages of my application, including those related to Vet Science?
Yes, just to be on the safe side.

Do I need to include three letters of support?
This is optional, but you would be heavily encouraged to include three letters of support (the maximum number allowed), given that the vast majority of candidates will do so.

Who should I get to write my letters of support?
Anyone who knows you well and is able to speak to your positive qualities and character traits. It is better to get a diversity of opinions and viewpoints from people who know you in various domains of life, rather than submitting, say, three letters all from your schoolteachers.
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