Jumping between hospitals - BPT in Vic

Hey guys,

Im currently interning at a metro hospital and want to go to another site for bpt1 than my current hospital network.

I know its obviously applicant and health networl dependant but how loyal are networks to their current interns and is it impossible to jump around?

I've heard mixed things.



Networks don't have an obligation to be loyal to you and you would be best served by asking some of your colleagues (in your case, the BPTs in the network) if you are concerned about whether a hospital tends to keep its own. It is definitely not hard to move around, so apply for the place that suits you best. Some departments will verbally promise continued employment in a non-binding kind of way, assuming satisfactory performance. It is mainly only after you start failing exams that your position will become tenuous (again some departments will support you more than others). Unfortunately, there will be a constant level of uncertainty around job security during this period.