Master of Public Health MPH @ Melbourne vs Monash

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    Hi All,

    I am currently applying for a place in an MPH course either at Melbourne or Monash and am seeking advice from anyone who has studied an MPH and/or works in the health industry to help me understand the differences between the two courses. I have attend both Melbourne and Monash graduate expos and read their course guides. I get the feeling that Melbourne has more elective options than Monash. Also according to the many rankings I have reviewed, Melbourne appears to have a higher “prestige” associated with the course and institution as a whole.

    I have decided to peruse a career change from a 23 year career in corporate and government ICT Project Management and Business Analysis and Architecture to a career in Public Health in a non-clinical area such as policy development, planning, programme management, evaluation or research once I complete the course.

    I completed 1st year Biology and 2nd year Physiology as part of my Science and Computing degree and have always had a passion and interest in working within the health industry. Over the years, through my volunteer work with Rotary, I have led and contributed to health related projects and initiatives locally and internationally.

    Several months ago, I had the great opportunity to complete a 6 week secondment with an Aboriginal Controlled Health Service through the Jawun programme. This experience inspired me so much that I have decided to transform my career and take a new turn into health despite having very little professional health experience.

    I would appreciate any advice, experience and recommendations.

    Thanks very much.


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