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    Hi all, Is there any possibility that we can get a summary of UMAT and ATAR cut off for 2019 medical schools entrance. I went through the forum and gathered some info and found that:
    UQ was: UMAT 184 and ATAR 99.01. Also , I believe there wasn't any tie breaker this year.
    Sunshine coast: ATAR 99: 55
    Griffith: ATAR 99.7
    Can someone help with other universities.
    Thanks in advacne
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    Griffith MD
    You can observe scores that landed our users place offers here: Aus Med and Dent Place Offers 2019 - Collated Data.

    You can observe scores that landed our users interviews here: 2019 Entry Interview Invites - Collated

    Most universities include an interview as part of their selection process and thus there are no specific “cutoffs” other than those required to receive an interview (noting that different combinations of UMAT and ATAR score could land someone an interview at different unis).

    As UMAT is no longer running there will likely be little to gain from analysing UMAT score results; the overall percentile may provide you with some indication of required scores but different universities will use the scores from each section of UCAT differently and thus it is difficult to predict what scores will and won’t make someone competitive for 2020 entry and beyond.
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