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MedEntry UCAT course - group discount

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For future members, I'd just emphasise that MedEntry is far too overpriced for what they provide, but more importantly their course is pretty horrible. A lot of their questions are recycled from UMAT days, and so they're way too hard and don't do much other than ruining your self esteem and encouraging students to rush/guess more than they actually should. This also applies for iCanMed, and some of the Matrix/Ace programs.

Don't waste the money on Medentry. Medify is a fifth the price but is far more realistic, accurate, and gives better tips on how to approach the question. I'd recommend reading advice from Medic Mind and using the question banks from Medify and possibly Kaplan.

Four of my friends (incl me) all used this strategy, and the AVG mark between us was 3240ish (A 99 percentile score).

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