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Medical cartoons + quotes


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I have heard of some universities having quotes or cartoons as stations during MMI's. They ask you to interpret the stimuli and talk about it on different levels.

I thought I would start a thread to discuss some medical cartoons/quotes and talk about the different meanings in them.

Lets start with this one:
I think the biggest concern is the doctors lack of care for the patient, using a stethoscope that doesn't quite work - why would he still continue to use it?


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Oh look at that...something to help me procrastinate and avoid uni work.
Off the top of my head I'd also have concerns about:
-saying "this stethoscope isn't that good" will make the patient doubt the doctor's ability, the equipment, the whole process and shake their confidence in the findings and/or diagnosis that the doctor then reports.
-the doctor hasn't explained clearly, I can only ASSUME he means that the stethoscope won't work so well over the clothing, so he'd like the patient to remove their shirt to ensure he can hear everything accurately.
-the doctor should never order the patient to "take off their shirt", it would be better to explain why he needs them to remove the clothing, ask if they feel comfortable doing this, and offer them privacy while they get undressed.

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