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Medicine Entrance General Questions


hi there everyone,

I’m currently a student at Massey University and this is my second year attempting the pre selection of Veterinary Science. Last year I withdrew before getting an academic penalty due to being away from home, anxiety and depression. I then worked for the rest of the year to save towards my tuition fees to reapply but I was having second thoughts about re applying. I cried about it many times but my I felt pressured to go back by my family and boyfriend (who moved down rob palmersron with me) because I said I always wanted to be a vet since I was 16. However I always found myself consciously convincing myself THIS WAS IT.

Despite getting good grades during the first half the semester (A+’s) I suddenly hit a brick wall and went back to feeling isolated and became consumed with my depression again. I then swallowed the pill and come to terms with myself, boyfriend and myself that this is not my calling career wise. I felt like I wanted to prove to everyone I could get into vet rather than actually doing vet for the purpose of being one- if that makes sense?

So I spent some days to myself and decided to write down a list of all the things I wanted to be. I realised I always wanted to be a doctor, whether for animals or people but I chose animals instead. I then decided how could my career not feel like a job/chore and help/participate to a community I care about- which is Māori. I came across the movement and rise of Māori medical students and felt really inspired, I also did a Kia ora hauora programm in year 13 and found myself interested in the neuromuscular/psychiatry area but suppressed it because I was trying to focus on Vet. I only wanted to have a plan A- which was vet.

I’m looking to apply at UoA because that way I can be with my family, obviously not 24/7 but I would find the company and environemnt much more supportive whereas living with my boyfriend has been awesome but I was juggling both adult life and studies and damn it’s hard. On the UoA site it says any subjects taken at tertiary level I.e chemistry, physics or bio can affect my chances of taking HSFY at UoA. For pre vet the course subjects are chem, physics, bio of animals and cells. I’ve already emailed otagohealthscience but they’re pretty slow at getting back. I’m also planning to do a certificate in HS at UoA next year to set myself up and not rush into it and then apply under MAPAS.

I was hoping for some advice because my possible options are to either withdraw and get an academic penalty- if so would this stop me from doing HSFY at UoA or doing the certificate HS?
I don’t want to withdraw because I did the same thing last year, but if it means it’s something I should do in order to peruse my new goal of completing a certificate in HS next year and the HSFY the year after then I will.
I’m confident i’ll Pass the courses, but no papers at massey lead into anything I’m interested in other than psychology- but then I think about the time factor I.e being in uni for too long for more than I can handle.

I hope I was clear in the advice I was seeking,
I appreciate any help.

Thank you,


baby med student
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If you've done any tertiary study it means you're disqualified from HSFY, I'm pretty sure, but I reckon that Auckland would take you :) I know people who've done degrees in neuroscience going and doing BBiomedSci or BHSci first year to get into med :)


Auckland is definitely more lenient about accepting people into biomed first year with prior study. It's probably best just to ring up the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (health sci) or the Faculty of Science (biomed) and get a direct answer over the phone. I couldn't say too much personally on the massey papers in terms of disqualifying you from biomed first year so that's why i would suggest finding the UoA science 0800 number (or whatever number it is).

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