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Monash On-Campus Medical Student Group


Monash BMedSci & MD
Congratulations to all who received offers and fingers crossed for those who are still waiting. Round 3 and 4 offers are still possible!

Many of you are international/interstate/not Melbourne students and will have to move away from home. Moving away from home is not easy as it can be difficult finding accomodation , where to shop and new friends. I am a member of the newly formed Monash On-Campus Medical Student group and we have got your back during this transition.

We hope to answer any questions you have and a Monash On-Campus med living guide hopefully will be published with the things MUMUS nor faculty tell you like what buses not to catch, where to shitpost and where to get . Also, late Feb a buddy program will begin where you can be paired with a second year student who will teach you the ropes and help make your first year most enjoyable.

Here’s the link Log in to Facebook | Facebook

tl;dr Join this group if you might live on-campus or near and you won’t regret it.

Edit 1 please add anybody who you think is interested and off campus and Mannix kids are welcome to join.
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Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads