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Emeritus Staff
Emeritus Staff
Hi everyone,

It is with great excitement that I announce MSO’s newest resource: our interview portal! This is something we have been working very hard on and I am very happy that it’s finally come to fruition! A huge thank you to todo10, isuru, Sherlock, _brooke, Smelly Boy and LMG! and for your contributions.

We know interviews are already well underway and do apologise for not having released the portal earlier; however, it will hopefully still come in handy for many with interviews still to come!

So how does it work?

If you follow the link below, you’ll be able to sit a mock interview with a rough time limit set to each individual question, which would be roughly the same amount of time you’d be given to answer it in a real interview.

1. On the home page, select whether you are preparing for a panel interview or an MMI. This will guide which types of questions will come up for you.

2. Sit the interview. You can skip to the next question if you’ve finished answering a question – don’t feel obligated to make your answer last the elected time limit.

3. Reflect on how you went. What did you do well? What could you improve? Were there any specific styles of questions that you feel that you need to focus more on? We highly recommend recording yourself on your phone/laptop so that you can play back your responses and pick out areas that require improvement (trust me when I say that I know this can be incredibly painful, but it’s invaluable for your preparation).

4. You can sit a mock interview as many times as you like!

5. The timing added to the questions is a guide only. If you have finished answering a question in a certain time frame but there’s still more time on the clock, that is completely fine! This may very well happen in the real interview too. Sometimes concise and to the point is the best approach!

6. I know many of you will want feedback on your responses to the questions on the portal. Because of this, I highly encourage all of you to post any answers to certain questions that you would like feedback on our Practice Interview Question Thread, and someone more experienced will provide feedback publicly. Relating to this:

- If you don’t feel comfortable posting a response to a more personal question, you are welcome to PM myself or another active staff member (if I haven’t responded for whatever reason try LMG!, A1 or Yamster) and we will repost it as “anonymous” so that feedback can still be given. (Note that you need a minimum of 5 forum posts before you can PM users)

- I encourage EVERYONE to provide feedback to other people’s responses; this is one of the best ways to prepare for interviews yourself, as you can identify what part(s) of someone’s response(s) to questions work well, and what you should and shouldn’t be doing yourself. Please don’t feel like you can’t provide feedback because you are inexperienced in the medicine interview realm; preface your post with the fact that you aren’t an expert if this is the case.

- It goes without saying but keep your feedback constructive. MSO aims to provide a friendly, inclusive and non-judgmental environment; please ensure all of your posts are in line with our forum rules.

7. Please note that this is the initial product, and while we have worked very hard on the portal (another HUGE thank you to todo10 for all your work), we are still adding a number of features and acknowledge that there is plenty of potential for further developments (and we endeavor to continually add more and more questions to the bank – please send me interview resources if you have any!). If you have constructive feedback on the portal, we would love to hear it! Just send myself, Sherlock or LMG! a PM and we will do our best to incorporate your feedback in due time.

General interview tips from me:

(Again, my sincere apologies for not posting these earlier; as mentioned I am aware that many of you have already completed interviews but hopefully these will come in handy for those who haven’t and/or those with more to come):
  • The interview is arguably the most important part of the application process, and you are up against some very, very capable people. Make sure you dedicate plenty of time to prepare for it and don’t rest on your laurels, regardless of how well you did with your ATAR and/or UCAT.
  • If you’re preparing for an MMI, PLEASE DON’T neglect panel-style questions. Make sure you cover panel-style questions as well as they will almost certainly be assessed either directly or indirectly in the MMI setting.
  • Vice-versa: if you’re preparing for a panel interview, make sure you practice answering scenario-style questions as well, as these are bound to come up.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of peer preparation (be it on here or in-person). Answering interview questions in a group is an excellent way to get over the nerves if you have any, as well as hear a variety of different perspectives on your responses that you can incorporate. It will only make you a better interviewee at the end of it!
  • MMIs: the goal is NOT to show how much of a goodie-two-shoes you are. Of course you need to acknowledge the law-breaking and unethical aspects of the scenarios, but don’t neglect to acknowledge certain things for fear of looking like a “bad” person. You need to show that you can weigh up the pros and cons and consider all circumstances in a situation. This might not make sense to you when you read this, but it should do once you’ve actually started practicing MMI scenarios. I’m happy to clarify what I mean by this with examples if you need me to.
  • MMIs: if you have a bad station, don’t panic (easier said than done, I know). This will achieve nothing. You get 8 fresh starts in the interview for a reason, so don’t waste them!
  • Panel interviews: you’ve got plenty of time to win over the interviewers. If you have a great start: awesome! If you don’t: you’ve got another ~30 minutes to win them over and show them how great you are!
  • Don’t be afraid to take a breath and take your time before you respond to a question. You certainly won’t be marked down for not blurting out the first thing that comes to mind!
  • If your answer is short and to the point, don’t panic. Sometimes you’ll finish an MMI station several minutes early – this doesn’t mean you bombed it! Don’t blabber on to fill in time if you’ve said everything you wanted to.
  • You are awesome. If you’ve managed to get this far in the application process, then you’re an incredibly high achieving human being, so props to you. Be proud of yourself and if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out this time, you’ll have more opportunities down the track, and if you choose to go another direction in life, then that’s 100% fine as well! Medicine isn’t the be all and end all and it shouldn’t (and doesn’t) define anyone’s worth.
I think that’s all from me! We wish you all the absolute very best of luck with your interviews, and please don’t hesitate to contact myself, Sherlock or another member of the staff team if you have any questions/comments/concerns/feedback.

Good luck :)