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Oh, maybe I took home the wrong message - I’m more focused on the fact that there’s a 100 place discrepancy between the two year’s letters! Perhaps that 30 place discrepancy with the website / MedDeans and the letters can be accounted for by repeating, deferred and Indigenous entry places which fall outside of the number of places being offered to applicants of a new intake?

Who knows! I always err of the side of very dubious when it comes to med admin knowledge after being burned way too many times!

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Are there anymore updates on 'My guess is' ?
Will test statistics will be released at the end of August?
Just checking in case I miss anything.


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If you look on the post-UCAT thread, it's been confirmed test statistics will be released at the end of August and will be updated once everyone has done their test if there are any significant changes. My guess for 90th is 2850-60.
Gonna second this, after hearing the significantly lower results from my friends who took the exam for the second time this year after doing it in 2019, I am gonna say that the 90th cut off will also be at about 2860.


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ucatboy is there another update of this stats coming? Last time was 20 days ago with 133 samples, would be interesting to see if the recent scores pull down the MSO mean.
There hasn’t been many more scores since the last graph, and the few that I have seen aren’t drastically low. I doubt the mean would be pulled back significantly tbh.
(I’m guessing mean is 2950)


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Christ if the mean does rise by like 50+ points that's just gonna feel like trash. From the UKCAT numbers extrapolated, it seems like the scores rose by 100 points in the span of 4 years. Maybe corona just compressed those 4 years down into one for us here in AU/NZ


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Unfortunately I do not :( The entire Post-UCAT Discussion 2019 thread was taken down earlier this year for repeated references to prep companies (it was literally one of the conversation starters lmao). For what it's worth, I don't recall any particular section average being much lower or higher last year (lots of 800+ QR scores, single digit 800+ VR scores), so that 120 overall increase in the average could just be attributed to a small score increase in each section.
So, the answer we have all been waiting for. What is Mr. ucatboy 's final prediction for the 90th percentile cut-off scaled score for the 2020 UCAT ANZ? :chill:


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What are our bets on what the percentiles will be guys? hehehe


Do you guys think VR and DM percentiles will be lower as it seems from the MSO cohort that people have found these harder than when they sat it last year.