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Nerve issue

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Junior doctor
Don't dentists just take out any wisdom tooth regardless of whether it really needs to be taken out or not? All that $$$ ;)

(but seriously I don't think anyone here is going to be able to answer your question, sorry!)


(Student BBeSt & BNurs) Hopeful for JMP
Haha Pi love it! ;)

Ch0mp, I am certainly not a dentist but anywho, I came to the forums after a rather long hiatus to have a break from recent study, saw this and was intrigued to know if something like this was even in the realms of possibility and apparently it is according to these websites:

https://www.songoralsurgery.com/ImpactedWisdomTeeth.htm--- although this makes me shudder about paresthesia or total loss of mouth function if it does go horribly wrong 😢.

Plus, in saying that I myself had a wisdom tooth that came through horribly quickly and the nerve was becoming compressed and affected my hearing & jaw so the dentist removed and I never had any problems-- so it is probably totally interdependent on the situation and the level of training of the dentist/ oral surgeon.

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