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New Application Portal/Process

Hi guys,

A while back (2-3 months) when I started to apply for the MBChB via UoA's old application portal it asked me for my UMAT ID in which my UCAT didn't fit. I decided to delay my application until the student centre replied on what to do. I also saw a few questions I needed to answer further on in the application before I quit it.

Yesterday I finally got to applying again and the application portal has changed completely (updated to new format), including asking for the UCAT now instead of UMAT. Additionally, there were no additional questions I had to answer. Has anyone had the same experience/know the difference between the old and new application process?


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the new portal doesn't ask you the two questions that were in the old portal. The questions were the one about why you wanted to do medicine and the other about activities you've done in the past. Im so confused which one to use for applying, does anyone have any idea?
Just to clarify, does anyone know when we are supposed to provide references or completed forms for police vetting? Will the portal be updated once interviews offers have been sent out/conducted?

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I'm funny apparently
Yeah I'm also curious since Otago used to do it after you got offers I think but changed it this year to before the application closing dates.

There's nothing on my "Things you need to do" application page for UoA other than the interview and end-of-the-year transcript.


UoA BSci Y3
2 years ago I remember that I had to fill in the police vetting forms and bring 2 copies and the originals of 2 forms of ID to my interview. Also with my interview offer I had to submit 2 references to verify me for the police vetting thing. This was around the end of the semester when interviews were being offered and you had to accept.

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