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Auckland New Zealander looking for AU Internship


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Hey guys!

First of all, thanks for letting me be a part of your community!

I was born in Sydney, however, when I was 15 my parents moved to NZ for work, and now I'm studying medicine on The University of Auckland.

The issue: After I finish, I was hoping to move back to Sydney for internship and initially thought it was not going to be a problem since AU and NZ have similar health systems. Then I stumbled upon this thread which says that 'local graduates are prioritized' and that only 'a minority and stand-out candidates to have a chance'.

I was hoping to hear from someone here who was in a similar situation (or at least knows someone who has). Is this really true, and just how many candidates would be considered a minority that has a chance.


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I'd say that you virtually have no chance to return to Sydney. I know Victorian med graduates who did all their schooling in Sydney who couldn't get a job anywhere in NSW and had to do their internship in Victoria. Based on that, you'd virtually have no chance.


It's possible to get a place, but highly unlikely. Since you would be prioritised higher than the international students, and some international students got a place in Sydney, then you might be offered a place in Sydney.

That said, the way things work, you can only get one internship per state. Sydney's hospitals tend to be the most popular in the state and therefore if you get a NSW offer as an out-of-state applicant, most times it isn't in Sydney, it's somewhere regional.
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