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Non standard entry dentistry

Hey guys,
I graduated high school in 2019 (last year) and unfortunately didn't make it into dentistry in any university. I have opted to study computer science at UNSW
I am hoping to reapply this year as a non standard leaver and have some questions. I have been searching like crazy and just can't seem to find any answers.

1. Provided I receive a high WAM and UCAT, am I able to transfer into 2021 entry? Is a year's worth of university enough to transfer? I am only asking because I have only really heard of 3rd years transferring

2. What are the current cut offs in terms of WAM or GPA for each of the dental schools? The most current data I can find is from 2010 :(

3. Since I am not doing Chemistry in university, will I still meet the course prerequisites (and be eligible) for UQ and JCU etc?

Thank you heaps

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4. This is kind of a dumb question but I have noticed that past data shows students GPA. Since I am going to be attending UNSW which uses a WAM, am I still eligible to apply to these universities. And what WAM equates to a 6.5 GPA?


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1. Its not so much of a transfer as a reapplication using your GPA/WAM instead of an ATAR. A years of study is enough to apply to non standard schools UQ, CSU, Griffith, Adelaide, (and i think LaTrobe, not sure about JCU). See here for the respective admissions methods for all these schools: 2017-18 Dent schools Selection Criteria Y12s & Non-standards

2. Griffith is the only dental school which uses purely GPA scores. Last year you can see the lowest GPA was 6.875 Aus Med and Dent Place Offers 2020 - Collated Data .

Other schools use a combo of GPA, UCAT, and Interview.
  • UQ requires a 6.5 GPA and 2830+ UCAT.
  • Adelaide required a 2790 UCAT for an interview last year and
  • CSU required a 2860 UCAT for an interview
(2020 Entry Interview Invites - Collated (DATA ONLY))

3. Sorry i dont know the answer to this

4. Your WAM will be converted into a GPA. There is not a direct conversion between GPA and WAM. A GPA is calculated by allocating a mark of 85%+ a 7, 75%+ a 6, 65%+ a 5, 50%+ a 4, and averaging these grade points. If you get 85%+ in half your courses and 75%+ in the other half you will get a 6.5 GPA


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3. Yes, given that you did chemistry in year 12, you will have met the prerequisite and hence be eligible.

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