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Although UNSW website says the minimum criteria are ATAR 96 *AND* 70 WAM, I believe either the word AND is incorrect or UNSW is not enforcing it. Two reasons:
- Last year a non-standard with 95.6 did get an interview.

I have received a reply from UNSW Med regarding this^, very logical but unfortunately not good news :(

Last year the change to 'Best of' (together with requiring *both* ATAR 96+ & 70+ WAM) was implemented quite late. Which meant at application time the rule in effect was ATAR+GPA > 96. So UNSW applied the benefits of both rules - 'best of' was used provided ATAR+GPA > 96, including any sub-96 ATAR.

From this year 96+ will be required as described on the website. I'd like to thank again the UNSW staff for this clear explanation.


Wait so are you saying my semester 2 results would not be taken into account? I’m sitting just under 5.5 which is minimum for a lot of schools but I know next sem I can get it to 5.8-6.0
No. LMG was saying how BOTH your sem 1 and sem 2 results are used. So, the unis will use the GPA for that whole year.


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Wait so are you saying my semester 2 results would not be taken into account?
We've seen this question many times here's a summary to help any future inquisitive mind, bearing in mind semester 2 results come out kinda late November.

WSU : uses neither semester 1 nor 2 results for interview invites (Oct), uses both for place offers (January).

JMP : similar to WSU (except since JMP holds a separate 2nd round of interviews for interstate (non-Qld) applicants they may refuse an interview booking in January if both semester results combine to below the threshold).

UNSW : uses both semester 1 & 2 results for interview invites (Dec) and for place offers.

JCU : generally 1st-year students don't get invited to the 1st interview round (Nov), both their semester 1 & 2 results are used for 2nd-round invites (Dec), they do join in for 1st-round offers in January.