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Oceanic University of Medicine


Monash University - BMedSc/MD I
If you cant log in it means youve been blacklisted permanently from ever attending any medical school. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

Although if you fancy Samoa, I know they have a Corporation there that will let you pretend like you're in medical school. They will still take you (in fact, they will take anyone really)
Wait is that a legit uni or a satirical site :p

Edit: oh

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Monash University - BMedSc/MD I
Neither... it is a "university" to "study medicine" but has absolutely 0 prospect of letting you become a doctor anywhere in the world... it's a running joke in this forum as quite possibly the worse decision anyone can make.
Straight outta Wikipedia:

"OUM graduates are completing post-graduate internships, residencies or fellowships or working as practitioners in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Samoa, and many metropolitan areas of the United States."

Did they bribe the editor or something :p :p


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it is a "university" to "study medicine" but has absolutely 0 prospect of letting you become a doctor anywhere
Be careful with your words or OUM could sue the pants off you :D

Although not AMC accredited it's apparently recognised in the World medical schools register. Therefore by definition you can complete its degree then pass the two AMC exams on knowledge + clinical skills and you are as good as an Aussie graduate.

Whether you pass the AMC exams & get a 12-month supervised practice/internship is another matter though.

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My bad. In the spirit of being accurate, OUM is an accredited medical school (A1 adds: Philippine PAASCU-accredited, for Aus it's AMC-recognised not accredited), yes, and if you play your cards right you can become a fully trained doctor after graduating from here.

However before anyone reading this gets any funny ideas,

Their website says they have '230' students studying across all 4 years, and '120+' alumni... for a university that has been running since 2002 with significant cohort sizes this is an awfully high drop out rate.


Of the 120 people classified as 'Alumni' from UoM OUM on linkedin. There are 8 doctors working outside of Samoa (and only one in samoa)

3 - Queensland Junior Doctors

1 - NZ House Surgeon

1 - Family Med Texas
1 - Internal Medicine in Chicago (now Residency Director wow)
1 - Internal Medicine Resident in Illinois (studied at OUM between 2007-2016)
1 - Psychiatry Resident in Arizona
1 - Family Medicine Resident in Missouri

and also 1 Family Med in Illinois who but went on to complete a SECOND medical degree after OUM

Which is honestly higher than I expected, but it must be said that based on this thread from Student Doctor I wouldn't recommend it in the slightest (only two students went on to participate in the US match )...

So yeah. Technically a med school. Don't sue me OUM

edit: accidentally slam dunked university of melbourne.


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Wait does that mean you can be a doctor in the Phillipines without passing extra exams?
What's required in Aus is registration with the Medical Board, who specifies AMC-accredited degree (or one of the AMC pathways). To work in the Philippines you need to check if they have a similar Medical Board there and whether PAASCU-accredited meets the registration requirement.

That's on the academics side. Being a foreigner you also need to obtain work rights in the Philippines (or any other countries that accept PAASCU-accredited).


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Following this thread closely as I've had some exposure to OUM students.

There seems to be a trend of Allied health or nursing who have not gotten into the Australian medical schools choosing OUM. (perhaps based upon OUM's promise that it prepares one for the AMC 1 + 2 and will liaise with Australian hospitals to secure internships). Whether this is true or not remains yet to be seen. I am yet to work with an OUM intern.

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