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For those considering Oral Health as an alternative career to medicine/dentistry, this is the page that'll list all UNDERGRADUATE accredited courses (Australian Programs) that'll allow you to practice as an Oral Health Therapist in a very digestible table much like Med schools Selection Criteria Y12s & Non-standards AND UPDATED Dentistry Schools Selection Criteria Y12s & Non-standards. (Link: Accredited Dental Practitioner Programs - Australian Dental Council).

If there is anything missing/incorrect about the following table, please let me know! :yay: (Also there's nothing on non-standard entry well because... there's simply nothing online to go off.)

UniversityDegree OfferedCourse LengthATAR/Lowest Selection Rank (LSR)Prerequisites (PR)/Assumed Knowledge (AK)Notes
Central Queensland University (CQU)Bachelor of Oral Health3 Years81.70 (ATAR)English (Units 3 and 4, C); one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics (Units 3 and 4, C) (PR)- Recommended Studies: English, Science, Mathematics or equivalent
Charles Sturt University (CSU)Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy and Hygiene)3 Years70.75 (LSR 2021 Entry)English Standard, Chemistry. (AK)- Recommended Studies: Biology
Curtin UniversityBachelor of Science (Oral Health Therapy)3 Years88.75 (LSR)None- Desirable: Human Biology ATAR or Biology ATAR.
- Internal Transfer Available (<10 Places)
La Trobe UniversityBachelor of Oral Health Science3 Years/2.5 Years Accelerated85.00 (LSR 2021 Entry)Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 25 in one of Biology, Chemistry or Physical Education. Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL. (PR)- SEAS Available
- Subject Adjustments Available: VCE: A study score of 30 in Physical Education or any Science equals 4 aggregate points per study. A study score of 25 in Health And Human Development or any Mathematics equals 4 aggregate points per study. A study score of 20 in any LOTE equals 4 aggregate points per study. Overall maximum of 12 points.
University of Adelaide (UoA)Bachelor of Oral Health3 YearsNo Data Available (Sadge Moment) :/SACE: One 20-credit SACE Stage 2 Tertiary Admission Subject from the Mathematics or Science Learning Areas OR IB equivalent subjects OR Equivalent University courses (i.e. 1st year Human Biology as part of the Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences program) (PR)

A necessary precursor for success in the BOH program is a high proficiency in the written and oral use of the English language. (AK)
- Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Pathway Available
University of Melbourne (UniMelb)Bachelor of Oral Health3 Years85.05 (LSR 2021 Entry)Units 3 & 4: A study score of at least 25 in English/English Language/Literature or at least 30 in EAL, and at least 25 in one of Biology or Chemistry. (PR)- SEAS Available (Access Melbourne);
University of Newcastle (UoN)Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy3 Years81.25 (Selection Rank)None- Recommended Studies: Biology, Chemistry.
- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program
- Elite Athlete Program
- EAS Available
- Regional and Rural Adjustment Scheme
- Subject Adjustments CLICK HERE
University of Sydney (USyd)Bachelor of Oral Health3 Years82.95 (LSR 2020 Entry)Biology and/or Chemistry. (AK)- MMI INTERVIEW
- E12 Entry Scheme Available.
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Just to touch on Curtin non-standard enrty - you can course switch into their program if you don't get the desired ATAR or change your mind midway through your first degree at curtin. Just be aware that it can be quite difficult so try to get in directly through ATAR if you can.