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Otago Otago MBChB V exams - updated for 2018


Being 2 months down the track from 5th year exams I feel recovered enough to add my two cents. Heaps of great input from above. Since everyone has done a slightly different study regime I thought I briefly go over mine. I passed with distinction with relatively limited study resources. The bulk of my study was based on passmed. I did all the questions in the bank, and went over the ones I missed a second time in the high yield areas. I also did a small amount of the BMJ question bank (which is free). I cracked open Usmle maybe? Twice. Did not find it helpful at all. Doing mcqs forces you to try to recall information, whereas reading pages of text like usmle/Toronto notes/other textbooks has been shown to be an ineffective way to study.
I started osce study in June and chose one study partner - we went through every previous past osce through until 2004. On rural GP we video chatted and practiced osces that way. I wouldn't recommend large osce groups because you waste time and don't get through enough content. The combination of doing all the past osces and then studying hard for every end of run osce made us both very prepared for end of year osce - we both found it a breeze. Plus we did super well on the end of run osces because often departments use past osces for their end of run exams - eg GP and medical specialities. So starting early pays off on that front too.

We also made up our own saq answers for about the previous 5 year past saqs. Common themes as described in earlier posts. Saqs can be easy to fail if not enough prep given so don't put them off. Ask your colleagues for summary sheets on public health and epi that always float around

Practice your ethics essay structure. Come up with summary notes on ethic principles relating to legal, professional etc. It's worth a massive chunk of the saq and you know its going to be in there so it's basically guaranteed marks whereas you could spend hours studying eponymous syndromes and not a single one comes up.....

Oh and blue book was excellent. Do it before your medicine run too, as questions in the end of run exam often come from it. I went through blue book twice (I like mcqs if you cant tell)

It's a pretty sh‰t time. Don't let everyone freak you out. Stick to your study plan. Don't try to change to a different tactic last minute. Start early. Try to cover everything a little bit.

Also my average on passmed was 63% (who the f gets 70-80?) and I still passed with PD. So don't worry about what you are getting on passmed. Just get through the questions well.

2019 osce stations
Psych (sleep issues), ortho Explanation station (knee replacement), methotrexate Explanation, history of dyspepsia, upper and lower limb neuro exam, hauroa Maori was a GP resp exam, o&g was STI and emergency contraception Explanation, paeds history abdominal pain,
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Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads